Who we are

Cast started out in 1970 in the field of metalworking and ferrous metal casting doing work for
prominent national and international companies in the agricultural sector.
Growth in the local staircase production segment prompted Cast to produce a series of molds
for cold casting for the production of stair components (steps, rings, columns) for local
manufacturers who were generally equipped for working wood components.
In the 90s the company possessed substantial equipment and solid experience in the staircase
sector and decided to launch its own product on the market. Initially limited to spiral staircases
in iron, the range quickly expanded thanks to targeted investments to include spiral and open
staircases with iron structures and wood steps. In 2000, Cast devoted efforts to introducing
stainless steel - which was a very new material for the staircase sector - into its production. The
result was a new line of products which centred on stainless steel used both in the production of
railings and structural modules. Keeping one step ahead by using this new material on exclusively
designed models opened the doors to a major internationalization process, channelling Cast
towards a more high end production, appreciated and recognized for its quality and ability to
fuse technology and craftsmanship with sophisticated and contemporary design.
Today, Cast represents a very important manufacturing reality, known and appreciated in Italy as
well as abroad thanks to its capacity to transform the staircase from being a functional object
into a design element realizing solutions which are true symbols of the excellence of “Made in
Italy” manufacturing worldwide.

Our values

Every year, our company invests a significant part of its
budget into the research and development of new solutions.
These efforts, combined with our production assets, an
in-house design department and an area of our facilities
dedicated to prototyping, allow us to study new collections
which result to be market orienting and placing Cast as a
benchmark in Italy and abroad in staircase manufacturing.
Selected collections launched over the last 11 years:
• collection 2000: staircases with structural modules and/
or railings in stainless steel.
• collection Kristall: staircases with structure and railing in
stainless steel and glass steps.
• collection Jazz: staircases stainless steel railings and rods
positioned in various ways.
• collection Swing: cantilevered staircases with wood or
glass steps.
• collection View: staircases with steel and glass railings.
• collection Dekò: staircases with glass steps featuring the
insertion of fabric.
• collection Link: staircases with laser-cut lateral structure
and wood or glass steps.
• collection One: staircases with wooden modules and steps.
• collection Infinity: staircases with wooden or glass steps
and railing completely realized in structural glass.

Cast boasts exceptional experience in production and
technology, result of selective investments aimed at
achieving a high standard of quality. Our technology has
been developed not for purposes of producing
quantity, but specifically to deliver quality,
our prime objective since the outset. Our
production facility encompasses three separate
areas occupying a total covered surface of 8.500 m2
and employees numbering 40.
Production and technological resources include:
• High-tonnage mechanical and hydraulic presses
• Laser cutting for Fe steel or stainless steel
• Automated robots for welding processes
• Pantographs with numerical control for production of wood
• Horizontal sanding machines for surface finishing processes
• Calenders with numerical control for calendering of
• Powder coating systems for metal parts
• Robotic systems for sanding of wood components
• Water-based painting systems for wood components
Our production and technological know-how are complemented
by a workforce of 40 highly trained individuals who provide
the added value that only expert labour can give even to
the highest level of technology.
Our values
quality, design, innovation
Innovation and
technology at the service of quality