Castro Wood Floors

Who we are

Castro Group originated in the 1940´s already with the main objective of achieving excellence in the wooden flooring production.

The company headquarters are located in the North of Portugal with the main installations covering an area over 40.000m2 (16.000m2 covered). A second production unit is located in Hungary with a total area of 30.000m2 (4.000m2 covered). Castro Group is a reference company in the international market of varnished solid wood flooring, outdoor flooring and engineered hardwood floors.

Currently, more than 90% of the production output is exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

The company resorts to the most recent technologies and to the use of raw material of the highest quality. The optimization in the manufacturing process combined with the production of pellets for power generation; underpins Castro Group´s commitment in terms of environmental and sustainability.

Castro Group is FSC certified.

Our values