Who we are

Entering the bathroom sector in 1984, as specialised company in plumbing and installation systems planning, CEA (Centro Energie Alternative) naturally moves to the design sector in 2007. Devoted to innovation, site-specific planning and product re-interpretation, CEA puts its passion, know-how and vision at the service of architects.

Thanks to long-standing experience, CEA offers a truly unique selection of customizable planning solutions, to enable a completely flexible approach towards design and architecture. Every aspect of planning is involved: engineering and technical innovation, installation and architecture, design and innovative materials, regarding to aesthetic value, functionality, sustainability and concern for the environment.

CEA range includes bathroom taps and accessories, kitchen taps, outdoor showers and ceiling fans for air stratification, characterised by low consumption, high performance and flexibility in application.

The whole CEA production is Made in Italy and distributed in prestigious bath furnishing and decor show-rooms worldwide.

CEA develops ideas shaped as bathroom and kitchen taps, manufacturing AISI 316/L stainless steel: a pure, loyal and responsible material.

Pure because stainless steel is 100% recyclable and not chemically treated or varnished.

Loyal because stainless steel is highly performing, with unique characteristics of durability and hygiene as well as of resistance to salt and sulphurous water or the polluted environment.

Responsible because stainless steel is cold-forged: satin and polished finishes are obtained through lathe mechanical processes, optimising water and power consumption in respect of the environment. Totally recyclable, stainless steel promises eternal life, requires minimal care and can always be mechanically renovated.

CEA realises clean forms with a strong technological bias, in the constant listening of the market, to add value to designers’ work and anticipate their needs.

CEA promotes the culture of technology, design and well-being in CEAlab: the company magazine collecting some of the most significant international projects realised by retailers, architects and interior designers featuring CEA products.

Our values


CEA (Centro Energie Alternative) invests its know-how in the research and development of technological solutions for project design. The origins of its expertise trace back to its experiences in the plumbing and installation planning fields, combining technical know-how and architectural demands. The internal research into the product and its peculiarities is careful and aims at supporting the construction work, through simplification, rapid installation and guaranteed operation. Several industrial patents and utility models enable a flexible approach to planning and reduce the time of construction.


CEA deals with real experiences to enhance a culture of product and share it for the development of new aware product ideas. The topics of technological innovation, sustainability and aesthetics are the founding elements of the research set with the University of Ferrara and of the training events organised in studios and showrooms worldwide.


Simple and linear geometries demonstrate a deep knowledge of design and can dialogue with architecture beyond time. With CEA collections, architects and designers get a total freedom of style and product combination, which gives wide space to ideas and shape to their realisation.


CEA totally produces in the Bassano del Grappa district of the North East of Italy, worldwide renowned area for the mechanical engineering tradition, where quality and reliability derive from local synergies. The production process is characterised by precision and manufacturing engineering: simplicity and craftsmanship guide technological innovation and sustainability.


To master the flow of water, CEA chooses AISI 316/L stainless steel, a totally recyclable and highly performing material. The raw allow, characterised by low levels of carbon, is carefully selected and enables CEA not to involve hot melting, painting, galvanic treatment or other chemical processes during production. Resulting CEA taps do not to release any toxic elements into water, are highly hygienic and totally recyclable.


AISI 316/L stainless steel is a particularly hard material and guarantees long life because resistant to scratches, the polluted environment, saltiness and sulphurous water. The characteristics of the material are one of the primary guarantees of product quality, as everlasting and eco-friendly.


In CEA product range, the water flow is adjusted by aerators and limiters (reducing the flow to 5 lt/min) and by progressive cartridges (allowing a constant water flow to 5 lt/min while permitting temperature adjustment, with just one movement). Both systems ensure a remarkable water saving, compared to traditional faucets.


CEA adopts only cold working methods for stainless steel and does not influence global warming. All the energy that powers production is certified clean, water is saved and waste is separated to be recycled, to reduce the impact of the company on the ecosystem. Thanks to precision CNC machines (lathes, milling and laser cutting) the quality of the production process achieves excellent results. Finishes are obtained through environmentally-friendly mechanical processes.