Who we are

Founded in 1961 in Casalgrande, Ceramiche Supergres started its business with the production of double-fired and cottoforte tiles for floors and walls. From the initial small company made up by the founders and local workers, the company grew, together with Sassuolo industrial district, and expanded to develop a presence in numerous markets across the world, bringing prosperity to its founders and personnel for more than twenty years. In 1996, following a series of ownership transfers, the company was acquired by the Gruppo Concorde. Since then, Supergres has continued to grow and today the company exports its products to more than 50 countries in the world and has a strong reputation as one of the most established ceramic brands at a global level.

Supergres is a dynamic and modern company that sees innovation and renovation as the fundamental tools for meeting today’s ever-evolving market trends. This sort of market awareness, together with the use of innovative technology, avant-garde research and large investments, made possible thanks to being part of one of the biggest ceramic groups in Italy, means that we’ve been able to translate all the customers’ needs and market trends into top quality collections and tailormade

Supergres produces floors for indoor and outdoor application as well as wall coverings for kitchens and bathrooms mainly for residential buildings. Top quality ceramic collections able to meet different styles and needs in terms of aesthetic appeal and technological performance.
A broad range of available surfaces which perfectly mix with today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyles. Classic, romantic, contemporary or minimalist solutions always characterised by balance, elegance and harmony.
Quality products in terms of colours, refined finishes and sought-after details. We at Supergres know the emotion that one feels when imagining a new home, its colours, decorations and finishes: our collections can bring these spaces into fruition, exactly as you imagined them, bursting into life in your home, creating unique and personal atmospheres with an intense Italian touch.

Our values

Supergres strongly believes in and wholeheartedly pursues deep-rooted values. A strong bond links the company, the employees, partners and local suppliers and from this strong union top quality products and services come to life.We have the same strong bond with our customers and that means we place tremendous value in our relationship with our customers, our availability and our unparalleled customer service, day in, day out. At Ceramiche Supergres, solidity, loyalty, transparency and reliability represent today’s values as well as tomorrow’s values.
Ceramiche Supergres is proud tomanufacture its ceramic tiles in Italy, in part for the typical Italian style, design and quality and in part for our Italian production processes, which safeguard the workplace, health and the environment.
We at Ceramiche Supergres have firmly adhered to the “Ethic Code” proposed by Confindustria Ceramica which means we are committed to communicate, in a clear and unambiguous way, the origin of our products indicating on them the country in which the tiles were fired in, that is to say the most important stage in the production process, as the country of origin. This procedure guarantees the maximum respect and transparency towards our customers and end users.
Those who choose to purchase our ceramics
“Made in Italy“ can be sure that they are produced in Italy using safe raw materials and manufactured by highly qualified personnel, with avant-garde technologies which respect the environment and ensure the best working conditions.
For this reason, writing “Made in Italy” on our products is not simply a commercial slogan, but the expression of strong corporate values inspired by honesty, ethics and responsibility.