Who we are

The history of the CO33 design-series

The revolution of the grey stone.

Designer concrete furniture and accessories from CO33 – concrete in its most harmonious shape

Passion for concrete. It is more than just a building material, more than just grey-on-grey. Concrete is versatility and durability, longevity and sustainability, beauty and straightforwardness. I’m just fascinated by this kind of stone – this massive material that melts in our hands today and bears the highest building tomorrow.

As a trained cabinetmaker and CEO of an innovative construction company, my early vision to revive concrete matured – to refine it in shape and appearance. There are incomparably many opportunities for a carpenter to give his material character. Wood makes forms flexible, individual, changeable and stable.

And I knew: Concrete can do that too – I just needed the right recipe.

A mix that enables soft curves and clean lines, yet does not lose its strength. The result is CO33 ….

My vision of all that concrete can do and an exclusive design series of high-quality concrete furniture.

-Designer Gregor Uhlmann

Our values

What is so special about CO33 furniture?

organic – simple – stable

CO33 is concrete in its most harmonious shape.

The Material

The material of our CO33 furniture series is a high performance concrete.

Our concrete is made of an extremely dense cement stone structure in conjunction with selected minerals and is free of plastics, fibers and reinforcement. Thus an outstanding feature of the concrete we use is the ensured long term durability after reaching the ultimate strength. It has enormous compressive strength, is extremely resistant to bending, heat resistant and non-combustible.

The Quality

In order to obtain a high and durable quality, your furniture rests under special climatic conditions for a period of about 7 days after passing through its production process and a first quality control. Then it is subjected to a further visual inspection. If everything is to our satisfaction and meets our high standards of a perfect product, it is then cleaned and treated with a water resistant coating that protects it from contamination.

Before its final path to your destination, it rests for another week in a protected area and at the end of its journey it is completely dried and equipped with all the specified quality characteristics.

The Surface

Due to an optimal production and post-treatment, its very even, smooth surface has almost no pores and micro cracks. This also prevents weather and frost damage as well as deposit or dirt buildup.

In terms of thermal conduction and cooling, the material responds better than other materials and thus can be used individually at all places with extreme temperatures.

The Compliance

The compressive and flexural tensile strength values are detected in the course of a steady factory control – based on a specimen (40x40x160 prism) according to DIN EN 196. Each CO33-furniture is unique and is custom handmade for you. For this purpose, each part receives a batch number in the range of our logo which is listed on your delivery note. This allows complete traceability of the production chain.

The Conservation

Environmental protection and responsible use of resources available is very important to us. In the preparation of our concrete, the casting materials are filled in forms and harden without further energy input.

The addition of solvent is not required, so the concrete can be recycled easily. Thus, with the production of your exclusive CO33 concrete furniture, we make a valuable contribution to protecting our environment.

The Concrete Attributes

Our concrete is produced according to DIN EN 206-1 and DIN 1045-2 for high-strength concrete. The concrete attribute C 60/75 includes the following exposure classes: XF4: Protection at high water saturation with de-icing agents (traffic areas, splash water, sea water) and XM3: very strong stress on wear and mechanical attack (based on the material). During the manufacturing of our furniture series all requirements of the European standard EN13198: 2003 for “street furniture and landscaping elements” are followed. With your furniture you obtain a high-duty design object in refined quality and the highest standards of the material.
CO33 concrete furniture and accessories are natural products consisting of natural components: stones and water, which together with cement as an adhesive become concrete. Therefore your furniture is not harmful in terms of pollutant emissions to humans or the environment. Any indoor use or use in the field of children’s playgrounds is possible to a full extent.

The Versatility

In terms of usage, CO33-concrete furniture are true miracles. Firstly, all of the furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Secondly, there are almost no limits in usage for concrete lovers.

Our bench, for example, works as a seat, a table, a cabinet (with shelves), a sideboard, a washstand, a TV cabinet (with shelves), or as a firewood storage.

The Coloration

In addition to the natural concrete grey, gradations from white to anthracite are possible. Other colors are available on request.