Compillar composite lighting columns

Who we are

Compillar is a team of proffesional boatbuilders having over 20 years of experience in composite manufacturing process.  Manufacturing of yacht hulls and masts has given us new market challenge for public objectives. Starting with poles for lighting of streets, parks, parking areas currently developing other products that can be useful for everyday, non yachting usage. 

Why COMPILLAR columns?

Color - Masts are formed in a selected color of resin, characterized by high and long-term UV resistance. COMPILLAR columns can be finished matte or high gloss.

Resistance – COMPILLAR columns do not corrode under the same conditions. COMPILLAR columns do not change their properties in the salty environment,
acidic and moist, and are chemically.
COMPILLAR columns do not change its properties in a salt, acidic and moist environment. Columns are chemically resistant and environmentally friendly.

Strength - composite strength is higher than for steel. COMPILLAR poles are designed to withstand heavy wind loads.

Electrical insulation - COMPILLAR columns are non conductive, eliminate risk of electric shock.

Passive safety – composite poles break (impact resistance) as a result of vehicle impact, eliminating danger to passengers.

Weight - Weight of GRP composite is 4-times lower than the weight of steel. Due to the low mass COMPILLAR poles help to minimize costs of transportation and installation. Weight of 4m pole equals to 12kg, 8m - 40kg.

Our values

Composite columns (Glass Reinforced Plastic) having the world highly appreciated because of its unique characteristics. As a substitutes of the metal and concrete lighting poles, composite columns exceed them maintenance-free operating life. The design of the laminate can survive several years in the humid, salty and windy conditions, without loosing its properties and appearance.

COMPILLAR guarantees safe solution. Our composite material flexular and tensile strength reaches 700MPa (carbon steel 300-450Mpa) confirmed through tests performed by a CE authorised laboratory. Vacuum technology production process and certified materials meet requirements of the energy, automotive and aviation industry. Thanks to its advantages, polymer composites are currently being rapidly implemented to all key industry sectors in the world