Who we are

In Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan, with our deep understanding of materials, coupled with fine Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship, we've been making furniture that honours and celebrates nature without taking it for granted for over half a century.

In Combining a judicious material selection with traditional handcraft and computer-aided production technology, we've succeeded at CondeHouse in creating furniture that not only uses and respects the stuff of nature, it allows it to live on in a new form.

Our values

We offer a wide variety of lineup so that each of customers in different ages, with different tastes, etc. can find its own favorites for comfort. We have more than 50 kinds of dining chairs, keep on redesigning to improve quality and usefulness, together with international designers, and disseminate Japanese aesthetics to the world.

We always intend to make long-life products by carefully selecting materials; adopting robust and maintainable structures, and functional and timeless design; redesigning with the times to improve comfortability and quality.

Our presence around the world