Who we are

Mymito GmbH develops, manufactures, and distributes the Cubit® brand online in Europe. These modular furniture systems boast high material quality, careful production, and timeless design. Minou Farkhondeh (interior designer) and Thomas Reichel (merchant) founded the company in 2006.

Our values

The modular furniture systems from Cubit have consistently clean esthetics. Every line is made up of multiple elements, so-called Bits for Living. The user’s requirements and personal preferences determine the respective arrangement. A large selection of colors and surfaces promotes individuality. Customers’ personal worlds of furnishings, intended use and individual interpretation of esthetics will determine how the respective piece of furniture is designed. The Cubit brand meets this complex requirement with a timeless, simple and functional design. The founders are planning to expand the existing product range to include additional modular furniture systems.

One thing that all the product lines have in common is their tool-free and patented connection system. The Cubit shelf modules are connected using a connector board, the Cubit sofa elements using an L-shaped piece of wood and the lamp modules using a screw connector. There is also a patented clamping system available for the Cubit shelf, so modules can be hung up on the wall without leaving any visible traces of the assembly process. This simple-to-handle modularity allows for easy assembly and disassembly, which will continue to be a focal point for future Cubit product lines.

User comfort is one of the most important aspects considered when modular furniture systems from Cubit are being developed. Tool-free assembly is a typical example of this. Given that the Cubit sofa is in direct physical contact with the user, this goal is far more noticeable with this piece of furniture. This is why Cubit deliberately selected fabrics with a pleasant and breathable structure and a spring system integrated in the foam. Comfort was an integral aspect, right down to the smallest detail. The cushion filler, developed and supplied by a traditional company based in Münsterland, is made up of three high-tech components and natural feathers. This combination means that every cushion is dimensionally stable and offers comfort that’s guaranteed to last. Furthermore, Mymito GmbH counts the user’s independence in the virtual furniture design process among the comforts of the digital age. The sample packages for the Cubit shelf, the Cubit sofa and the Cubit lamp complement this service perfectly.

The 34 Cubit shelf modules are manufactured specifically for Mymito GmbH by a partner company. Employees, who have been trained especially for this production process, cut and connect the materials in a custom-fit fashion. Every single module is then hand-painted. Once the products have undergone a thorough final inspection and careful packaging, the production company ships the modules to our warehouse in Düsseldorf. Cubit sofa elements are manufactured exclusively in Germany. An upholstery company in East Westphalia makes the seating cushions, armrests and backrests from foams with different weights as well as an integrated spring system. This is also where the covers, made from fabrics produced by traditional European weaving mills, are cut to size.

Modular furniture from Cubit is sustainable in and of itself. Should customers’ living or room situations change, the furniture can be modified to suit by means of rearranging existing modules or adding new ones. While today’s excess often causes people to dispose of existing furniture and buy new items, Cubit believes that its furniture is designed to last thanks to its puristic design, high-quality materials and careful workmanship. Materials are selected and worked with ecological aspects in mind. Fabrics and foams are Ökotex-certified, paints are water-soluble and transportation routes are kept as short as possible.

The Cubit brand is exclusively sold online. This direct sales approach allows our customers to receive high-quality, sustainably produced furniture systems at fair prices.