Who we are


Christine AUCLAIR started out on this adventure at the beginning of the year 2000.

OUTDOOR SHOWERS are our specialty, and we are especially passionate about metalwork such Brushed Stainless Steel, which we love for its long-lasting visual appeal. Whether used alone or in combination with materials as diverse as wood, glass, stone or concrete, it can be used in harmony with even the most contemporary building styles. We only use Stainless Steel 316L (naval quality) for its excellent corrosion resistance.

We also love to work with Zinc and galvanized Steel, giving them a huge variety of colors and material effects using the thermo-lacquering process. Our models can be personalized and adapted to specific outdoor environments, or to harmonize them with the local, traditional colors of our clients' regions. And while metal will always be a timeless classic, we never overlook our wooden models. The warmth of this material will never go old, and it will always find a place at the heart of our collection.

Registered design

Our values

With curiosity and passion which have withstood the test of time, we are guided by the demand for perfection, the desire to share our philosophy and ethics and, most importantly, the respect we owe to our clients. We have chosen to produce all of our models in France and recruit the best talent from our region. All of our models are designed and produced in our Normandy workshops, with the support and expertise of local master craftsmen who share the same vision and drive as us.