Who we are

The Dauby collection is an assortment of custom-designed door, window and furniture fittings. Each and every piece is unique and is made out of superior quality, durable materials. The unparalleled look and feel is the result of a traditional manufacturing process, which we like to call the true signature of the designer. A Dauby decoration is designed to last a lifetime.

Our values

Dauby stands for durable door, window and furniture fittings.During the traditional manufacturing process, only natural and recyclable materials are used. These will age naturally, allowing the typical ‘living finish’ to add a nice patina to the final product. Living, indeed, because over the years, the different hues will become more intense. The contemporary look and feel is the result of the unequalled dedication of our designers and makes these door, window and furniture fittings real collector’s items.

Dauby is a trendsetter in it’s field. The materials – Raw Metal, White Bronze, Raw Bronze and Britannium – are the perfect choice for contemporary home interior trends that focus on an industrial design. They add a great finishing touch to the Bauhaus designs that combine unique metals, and elegantly complete a timeless home interior where old and new goes hand in hand. Dauby also works in close collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers and young new talent and helps set the tone in the contemporary interior decorating industry.