Who we are

In 1928, Georges DELABIE, a sanitary ware wholesale merchant in Paris, acquired a foundry located in Friville in the Somme, France. There he produced mainly taps and floor traps for bathrooms and kitchens.
Initially specialising in domestic sanitary fittings, DELABIE quickly repositioned itself in the sector that now constitutes its core target market - buildings in the public domain.
With the passage of time, investment in Research and Development has established the brand as a benchmark for quality. In less than 100 years, DELABIE has become a leading player in the non-domestic, sanitary fittings market. European market leader for tap ware and sanitary accessories for the commercial sector, the DELABIE group continues to grow by opening international subsidiaries and through overseas acquisitions, considerably expanding its offering.
The company exports to more than 90 countries from its factory in France and through its 9 subsidiaries worldwide.

DELABIE has developed an offering that comprises five product ranges which meet the needs of each and every customer and specifier.

Commercial Water Controls
Water Controls for Healthcare Facilities
Accessibility and Hygienic Accessories
Stainless Steel Sanitary Equipment
Specialist Water Controls

Our values


An industrial enterprise from the very outset, DELABIE has kept total control of the manufacture of its products over time.

Nowadays DELABIE’s teams have mastered more than thirty highly skilled trades, from the casting process through to the development of thermostatic cells, including microbiology and even electronics. This unique expertise enables the company to innovate constantly and adapt its products to the needs of the market.

Every year DELABIE invests heavily in Research and Development as well as its industrial tooling. The aim is to offer customers ever more innovative solutions and reliable proprietary technology.


Today DELABIE is an international group well known for its ability to meet the needs of commercial installations.

DELABIE’s products, which deliver water savings and provide tangible solutions in terms of hygiene, design, accessibility, safety and vandal resistance, are renowned for their reliability and durability.


Committed to preserving the future and contributing to sustainable development, DELABIE seeks to limit the use of natural resources and avoid a negative impact on the environment.

Specialising in self-closing taps, DELABIE demonstrates that the first principle of saving is to avoid waste, by regulating the amount of water used.


In 2005 DELABIE, conscious of the need for better water management, decided to redistribute a portion of its profits on an annual basis. Through the DELABIE foundation, the company finances projects which provide access to safe drinking water for the poorest and most isolated populations.

A lifelong commitment to health and hygiene for all is DELABIE’s fundamental principle.