Dennebos Flooring

Who we are

Dennebos Flooring is an international acting bespoke wooden flooring supplier. With our roots as a sawmill we developed ourself to the wooden flooring supplier we now are [by being creative and offer bespoke finishes and producing flooring on demand with quick leadtimes]. Our standard programm include about 60 different surfaces that can be delivered as Chevron or Herringbone as well.This in Reclaimed or new oak. Beside the standard programm we offer customized solutions as well either in width [ from 120-390 mm], length [ up to 5 meter] or by creating color on demand. All produced at our own production location in Raalte, The Netherlands.

Our values

Because of having our own production we have an eye on every single step of the production to deliver absolute top quality flooring that has proven itsself within Hospitality, Retail, Gastronomy and the residential industry. We manage to guarantee a lead time of about 3 weeks ex works even for very specific dimensions you won't find anywhere.

All flooring is produced on commission. We don't stock products. Every single floor is custom made!

We deliver oxidative hard-wax oiled flooring. Advantage of this is that we give the oil the time to penetrate into the wood. This means not just surface protection, but protection in the wood as well. Damaged spots can be repaired locally which means sanding is not needed. Ask for our maintenance instructions.

Dennebos Flooring products are tested on Emission and are given free for all types of buildings. On request we will send over exact test results.

Dennebos Flooring is FSC certified. Not just our flooring production but also the forest concession we are having. Sustainability is really important for us. The source but also using waste for heating up our own plant. Nothing is spoiled!