Derako International B.V.

Who we are

Derako International BV, as an industrial producer and supplier of solid wooden systems, is continually involved in enlarging the possible applications of sustainable materials in construction. With their innovation and years of experience both nationally and internationally, Derako delivers and offers practical and most of all elegant solutions to cover ceilings, walls and facades.

How we work?

Your creativity and design idea is our starting point. Derako only works project-based and all systems are tailor-made architectural solutions with budgetary flexibility. We offer support during the design and engineering phases and delivers where necessary appropriate solutions. Each project is always totally technically supported and implemented by Derako and that results in, among other things, detailed installation plans, technical information and logistic support. Based on many years of experience working with architects both nationally and internationally with various types of applications and on our knowledge of wood, we are able to offer sound advice and solutions. Each project demands its own approach.

Our values

Inspired by Nature and Naturally Inspiring...

Nature is at the basis of all Derako products. With these systems you do not only create an environmentally friendly and durable building decoration, it also takes nature closer to the people's living environment. By using solid wood you give a building a warm and inviting look. A look that naturally makes people feel pleasant, makes them socialise and develop new ideas.

During the design phase architects discover the strengths of the Derako systems. Because of the enormous freedom in design, the systems naturally give a lot of inspiration, and in the past have led to numerous new designs..... and that is what we stand for at Derako.

Cradle to Cradle®

Derako constructs and works according to the Cradle to Cradle® principal that not only looks at our present needs but also at the possibilities for future generations. Within five quality categories, improvements are continuously being worked on. These improvements are in the areas of material health, material recycling, renewable energy and carbon management, water management and social justice. Derako wants to be sure that all products have a lasting positive influence on human health and the environment. A lot of thought is given to the system- and finishing materials. For example the Derako varnish finish is environmentally friendly and the Derako solid wooden system is low emission (A+ certified). Also, in production Derako is using more and more renewable energy sources, and attention is paid to the responsible management of raw material resources.


In addition to investment in the field of materials and production processes, Derako also invests in various certificates and ecological labels. In this way we meet the criteria set by the government on sustainable purchasing. Derako is FSC and PEFC certified and delivers systems on request, and where possible, with these durable certified types of wood. The Derako consultants will be delighted to inform you about all the options.

Supply and Support

In several countries the Derako ceiling and wall systems are distributed and supported by Hunter Douglas.

Our presence around the world