Who we are

The international trend of our Company is deeply rooted in our territory of origin, from where Diasen finds continuous inspiration to achieve ever increasing levels of excellence in the manufacturing of its products, and in its management practice.

Since the beginning, the choice of the Company name was suggested by the history of its birthplace. In fact, Diasen is composed by the first three letters of two words: the name of our main product, Diathonite, and the Latin name of our town, Sentinum.

The main offices and manufacturing plant of Diasen are located in Sassoferrato, a characteristic town in the countryside of the Marche region, near the town of Fabriano, one of the biggest industrial areas in Italy.

This is an area rich of natural and historical treasures, of social cohesion, where arts and creativity claim centuries of tradition, and where entrepreneurial vocation has reached high levels of expression. This is the fertile soil where our Company is rapidly developing and expanding towards the rest of the world.

Our values

Our VISION is innovation, through technology and chemical engineering, to improve buildings with a low environmental impact.

Our MISSION is to run our company with respect to traditions, and focus on healthy buildings. We aim to develop products safe for people and their environment, and solutions that are at the forefront of technology and respect the future generations.


The Environment is life, home and habitat. It is also the source of all our materials. Water, Earth, Wind and Fire, the four natural elements are at the base of the production process at Diasen: in fact from Nature we source all the raw materials of our products, and during the manufacturing processes we aim to maintain and highlight their characteristics.

Our products are designed to improve the conditions of life in the environment closer to people: their homes. The aim is to protect them from high levels of humidity and thermal losses, using the same methods adopted in Nature. We have gathered cork,clay and diatomaceous earth for their thermal and acoustic insulation properties, along to their hygroscopic characteristic. We have added natural hydraulic lime, in order to offer a guarantee of efficient, healthy and long lasting products.

Thanks to this, Diasen can supply the construction industry for public buildings and the infrastructure sector, alongside the residential homes. Respect for the environment is our duty, and this is reflected in the standards that we follow to improve our processes, products and relationships with employees, clients, suppliers and the territory where we work. Thanks to all our efforts, we have gained the ISO 14001 certification.