Di.Bi. Porte Blindate

Who we are

Di.Bi. was born in 1976 aiming at producing products for the security of the house. The activity started with the production of security doors and throughout the years it’s been widen to the security of windows. Nowadays, after 40 years, the production is still focused on these two families of products, to which we dedicate strong R&D investments.

Di.Bi. opened as a small artisanal family-based company, but throughout the years it’s been turning into an industry. The company grew-up thanks to the continuous research of new materials, the development of cutting-edge technologies and the care of design.

Di.Bi. is an interpreter of trends and taste changes, it developed the concept of security door as a furnishing and artistic element. Di.Bi. products are marked out by character, beauty and functionality of the design.

Our values

DI.BI. mission has always been to supply products with high-quality standard to make people feel safer at home. Company pillars are:

High cutting-edge technology standards
Ongoing innovation
Care of aesthetics
Customization of the product
Care of eco-saving
Fast production