dimpomar - Natural Stone from Portugal and Around

Who we are

dimpomar is today´s one of the Leading Worldwide Players in the Stone Business, shaping nature into architecture and lifestyle since 1980.

We have the experience to source Natural Stone from Portugal and Around the World; the knowledge, technology and craftsmanship to fabricate it… and just the right People to accompany you through the process.

At dimpomar we believe in hard work, commitment and quality, with an efficient service, a touch of luck… and a beautiful outcome.

Since 1980, always trying to be one step ahead.


We are proud to say that dimpomar’s imprint is global.

Our projects are present in the 5 continents, we export regularly to more than 40 countries and we import and stock from over 15 countries.

It will be an honor to take our signature to your project too.

Our values

Working is about willpower, energy and effort. Taking actual and physical steps to getting things done and make happen.

Commitment is about loyalty to our people:
the workers and their families,
the suppliers and their responsibilities,
the clients and their expectations.

Quality means getting involved. Striving for value along the whole process of fabrication and always aiming for satisfaction.
This is my formula. This is Dimpomar.

Luís de Sousa, Eng.