DSP Co., Ltd.

Who we are

DSP has been Specialized in Surface Treatment (Color Coating, Surface fabrication) on stainless steel since 1988, and aimed to bring Stainless Steel to as many clients as possible.

From its accumulated Development in Technology, DSP has developed INOXTEEL™, SUPERTEEL™, ALUSTEEL™, and Duramatte™ aiming to introduce Stainless Steel Related materials to more Clients and present opportunity for them to enjoy the Stainless Steel with better accessibility.

DSP’s Innovative Manufacturing Procedures allows Maximized Producibility, along with Uniformity and Repeatability, which differentiates its Products from others. Every process of DSP Products manufacturing is done internally within DSP Factories and it shall maximize the customer satisfaction by inspection of every process with Strict Quality Assurance Policy.

Every aspects of DSP’s efforts are aimed to provide the best quality products with best prices possible.

Our values

DSP’s vision is to supply and support every client whom wishes to enjoy the Luxury and Elegant Aspects of Stainless Steel.

The Process of succeeding in such was not an easy journey, but with DSP’s Three Pillars of Technologies made it possible.

DSP Main Technologies are, 1) R2R PVD coating, 2) R2R Nano Ceramic coating, and 3) R2R Lamination Technology

With these technologies, DSP’s Products will have 1) Color Uniformity in Extended Quantities, 2) Color Variety, 3) Glossiness Control, 4) Reasonable Price, and 5) High quality.

DSP’s products are being supplied to 1) Exterior/Interior Building material, 2) Roofing material, 3) Automobile Parts, and 4) Home Appliance.

Our presence around the world