Who we are

Jagram (owner of Ecocurves brand) is one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of glulam timber arches in Europe.

In the last 27 years we have tested most of the world's leading machinery, glue and tools suppliers, adding our own patented solutions. Jagram factory computers will turn the most elaborate shapes into products in just 40 minutes.

Impregnation of our glulam curves is carried out using a specially designed vessel called autoclave. Inside the autoclave, preservatives like fungicides and insecticides are injected under pressure into the wood.

Our catalogue has a wide range of products from small garden decoration elements (trellis, panels, pergolas) through wooden canopies and gazebos until bespoke constructions.

We look forward to cooperating with:

- wholesalers / distributors,

- online distributors,

- landscape architects

- garden centres,

- professionals specializing in the construction of wooden arbours, carports, pergolas, terraces and fences.

We believe that together we can achieve success by combining your skills and contacts with our experience, logistics and production facilities. Together, we can become a market leader offering the most unique range of timber-built garden products all over the Europe and world.

Our values

Our products are not simply functional. We work to ensure they form an inseparable element of our customers’ gardens, emphasizing their qualities and adding to their charm. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs, and strive to create products of the highest quality.


Each garden, terrace and public space has its own unique style. With this in mind, we try to develop our products so that everyone can find something that suits their needs. From classic English designs to modern shapes that suit urban terraces.


Many of our products can be modified to meet individual needs. We offer fixtures and accessories in various colours and variations. Our timber products are supplemented by high quality textiles in the form of cushions and linen covers, thanks to which customers can choose from complete, ready-to-use products.


We only use the highest quality wood from legal sources. Proper certification and durability are of the utmost importance. On some products we provide a guarantee for as long as 15 years! Thanks to the high quality of our materials, Jagram products maintain their charm even after many years of service in the garden.


We are moving with the times and every year new items are added to our product range. Thanks to our special technology for bending wood, we are able to obtain garden furniture and structures with unique shapes. We also use several types of wood, including pine, spruce and larch, which lend natural beauty to our products.


Naturally we make sure that what we do does not harm the environment, which is why in making our products we use only timber from places that have Responsible Forest Management certificates. The same rule applies to the paints, impregnation agents and textiles that we use in production.


Our team consists of people of various generations, thanks to which you can see in our beautiful timber products a combination of different points of view, which together form a harmonious and unique whole.