Edition Bougainville

Who we are

With reference to the great french century and the explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Edition Bougainville® is the symbol of the French rug combining tradition and modernity.

Each creation has been designed in France, inspired by an heritage archived up for half a century.

Each piece of our collections is manufactured by talented craftsmen carrying on excellence expertise and representing luxury, creativity and Haute-Couture.

With Edition Bougainville®, the rug is a jewel of luxury and refinement, to discover in our showroom in Cannes opened to architects and interior decorators.

Our values

Custom-made orders are at the core of Edition Bougainville®’s know-how. Each rug can be custom made, size of the rug, surrounding design, positioning of the medallion, shades, manufacturing techniques; everything will then be completed according to the specificities of your design project.

Our design office works closely with the major actors on the international stage to offer designs specifically produced according to requirements mentioned in your interior design project.

The expertise of our design studio enables us to assure you complete monitoring over your high-end product, from the original model, to wool or silk coloring, through sampling and production.

Our custom-made designs include the most demanding and valuable expertise, through methods mastered by only a few craftsmen around the world who perpetuate hand-made techniques created in the Savonnerie and Aubusson Manufactories.

Serving exclusive quality and execution, this respect of tradition is applied with regard to a constant search for innovation, enabling the completion of new patterns and effects.

Our presence around the world