Who we are


Since ever Italy is the cradle of creativity.
An aware production know how and style are identified and commended throughout the world, so much so that the Made in Italy mark has always constituted sought-after an added value.

An Italian product can immediately be recognized: details, attention and the aesthetic values are their business card.
In the wake of this great tradition, since 1978 EGOLUCE has been creating 100% Made in Italy products, mostly collaborating with Italian companies and craftsmen: in order to offer its clients a design product with highest technology standard.
The diligent and careful selection of best quality components and materials and the processing guided by criteria such as total quality, enable us to produce and offer to our clients a vast range of light fixtures for several applications.
Qualified Lighting design solutions identify Egoluce as one of the most important player in the worldwide lighting producer.
Products 100%Made in Italy.


Egoluce 40 years of experiences for your tailored lighting solutions.
Product evolution matches with new material, technologies and design, are actual achievements of Our collections.
Know-how and care in details in every production phases has been a forceful constant in these 40 years of successful activity.
Problem solving liability, customer care and attention to each and every markets demand are a permanent mission for us.
All of us… This steady Blend!


Modern lighting controls take account of the human biorhythm and impact positively on health and well-being.
An intelligent energy and colour management of human light creates new spaces in empty, as only an emotional waterfall can do in You.
A new sensorial experiences for your Soul.
Light artful to Move, to Fly, to Melt itself, to Hit inside, to Engage a simply unforgettable Light.
Light survives in the shadow because its Led glare is shaded by glamour solutions.

Our values

Lighting design is both inherently functional and innately aesthetic. Design approach: generative and adaptive creativities. Conceptual design based on metaphors as a heuristic tool.

Timeless light able to figure out new human needs in a dynamic surfers world in constant evolution.
Egoluce proposes a light lived as a life experience to: Lighting specialist, Designers, Architects, Specifiers as first partners.

Lighting solutions that because of: high CRI level, K° offer, dynamic white and UGR solutions, are able to adjust themself to every interiors and exteriors projects.
Egoluce a Light as response to Your new architectural projects, light draws spaces in several shapes to get your own sensorial experience.

A new tradition oriented to the contemporary context that simplifies the new design concept in our daily life: adjusting itself with Your needs.
The time flies by so fast that the life tunes itself with the light to bless your senses in a symphony.

Global warming and the urgent need to drastically cut energy consumption and CO2 emission are now worldwide recognized problems. In this new era of awareness everyone has a role to play, no matter how small or big.

EGOLUCE is an environmentally conscious company and has totally revised his collection proposing in its catalogues a full range of low consumption products.
Eco friendly choices contribute to environment sustainability.