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Eleni FIX

Who we are

From over 20 years we have been creating eco-sustainable products for the energy efficiency of private homes and commercial buildings.
We offer you unique products with exceptional build quality and guaranteed durability. The materials of which our fastening systems are made and the special construction technique make them efficient and long-lasting.
Certified resistance: The resistance of our products has been tested and certified by bodies in charge and in turn certified, in this way we guarantee the capacity of 35Kg. of each ERCOLE module.

Our values

Thermal insulation systems contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and are therefore important allies in the fight against climate change. Reducing emissions is a goal we should all aim for to ensure a better environment for future generations. We can improve and modernize the existing building stock and make new buildings with insulation systems that guarantee effective results in terms of energy. In recent years, new insulation solutions have been developed which exploit innovative materials and in some cases provide for the laying of thicker layers of insulating material. The more efficient the thermal insulation system is, the more important it becomes to carry out careful planning with attention to detail and to guarantee correct execution on site. The first step in correctly creating a good insulation system is the precise and compliant cut of the insulating panels. An essential element for insulated facades is the fastening of building components. A secure fixing, with appropriate systems, capable of avoiding the formation of thermal bridges, are among the main prerequisites that have always seen us committed to satisfying this need. By correctly designing and implementing every single detail and by correctly assembling the building components in the thermal insulation system, the façade acquires great added value in terms of aesthetics, heating costs and respect for the environment. Designing and building innovative fastening systems for insulation that do not create thermal bridges in the insulation, this is our mission and the engine that drives us. Over the past 20 years, our products have consolidated and are appreciated on the European market. We supply products that offer designers, builders and users consistent safety and quality over the years. This is what motivates and animates us every day.