Encho Enchev - ETE

Who we are

Encho Enchev - ETE Ltd. is a well known company in the Eastern European outdoor furniture market, producing all kinds of garden and park furniture. The manufacture includes a variety of concrete and metal benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains, concrete planters, litter bins (trash receptacles), umbrella stands, concrete bollards and table tennis tables widely used in furnishing of public areas. Our products are very suitable for residential areas, kindergartens, playgrounds, hotels, public pools, parking lots, walking alleys, resort villages and many more. Regardless of the intended use, with us you will find the necessary furniture that perfectly fits your landscape and sense of beauty, quality and comfort. All benches manufactured by us comply with three basic criteria:

1. Follow the human body shape for comfortable seating.

2. Made of high-quality materials for maximum durability in all weather conditions.

3. Uniquely designed to suit every taste.

These three criteria have become our moto - BEAUTY, QUALITY AND COMFORT.

From 2009 to 2016 Encho Enchev-ETE annually wins gold medals for the best exhibit in the architectural design - category "garden and park furniture" of the National Exhibition with international participation "Flora Burgas" which serves as a forum for professionals from the field of landscaping, environmental protection, and public spaces. In 2010, the company participated in an international exhibition for park furniture in Bucharest, Romania. The unique identity of concrete products opens markets to Romania, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece and Moldova.

As a prospect for sustainable development, Encho Enchev-ETE company implements and maintains an integrated management system that meets all the requirements of the global business community. Three international standards have been introduced:

ISO 9001 Standard /Quality management system/,

ISO 14001 Standard /Environmental management system/

ISO 45001 Standard /Health and safety management system/.

The main priority of the company is the creation of products of extremely high quality. To ensure it, we have tested the concrete we use for the relevant basic characteristics: compressive strength, frost resistance and water tightness. The tests are performed in independent, certified laboratories according to the European requirements and meet the European standards: EN 12390-3: 2019, EN 206: 2013 + A1: 2016.

The product range meets the requirements of the European and international markets. It is inspired by the social values of the modern city - communication, synchronization with nature, identity in diversity.

Our values

All concrete elements of exposed or polished agreggate are reinforced and fiber strengthened. The metal elements are galvanized and powder coated for protection against corrosion and preservation of the aesthetic appearance. On most of our products we have included ground anchoring possibility - an option that you can find in the technical specifications section of each product. Whether your choice will be concrete or metal benches, litter bins, tables, fountains, umbrella stands, bollards, table tennis tables depends entirely on the location and their intended purpose.

Encho Enchev - ETE company manufactures products with durability, functionality, beauty and quality, designed to provide a well-developed, modern and aesthetic urban environment and a better life for people.

For your individual projects we provide fast, innovative and effective solutions. Guided by the wishes of our clients, we commit ourselves and provide appropriate solutions, expertise, professional craftsmanship and a memorable final exterior. We pay special attention to the introduction of innovative ideas and new technologies.

The company's team consists of qualified professionals with years of experience, innovative thinking, energy and self-confidence that with our products, we create modern places in the city that are breathtaking and memorable, places that bring a sense of harmony and peace.

Welcome to the beauty-inspired world of outdoor furniture!