Enrico Palmucci

Who we are


The charm of clay with its characteristics of plasticity and transformation has succedeed in giving full expression to our innate need for experimentation.

Here, in its particular corner of the land of Umbria, in Castel Viscardo, where the art of hand made bricks and tiles has roots as old as time, our passion was nourished and developed, leading to the creation of COTTO PALMUCCI, a dynamic and enterprising firm that in just a few years achieved top place for quality in the production of handmade building materials in cotto. Our mission is distinguished by passion and a continuous quest for excellence. As interpreters of a completely natural hand-made product and with tradition as our point of departure for innovation, we have succeeded in bringing together beauty and quality, to the full satisfaction of our Customers. thanks to the natural versatility of cotto, our products, refined and environmentally friendly, are suitable for living quarters of all kinds. The sizes, colors and textures have been studied to fit perfectly into habitats of all kinds, ensuring beauty, comfort and durability. As custodians of an ancient knowledge, we have applied our skills and experience to our line Antico Restauro, so that antique floor can regain its former charm, or a contemporary room can be endowed with a unique personality.

Our hand-made cotto tiles are ideal for use in BioArchitecture: they're totally natural and eco-compatible. Resistant to frost and atmospheric agents, they are an excellent thermal insulator and will last pratically forever. 

Our values


Antico Restauro is used to save the architectural heritage, in far houses or to integrate historical antique floors. Its characteristics include worn-down surfaces, irregular edges, naturalness and exquisite craftsmanship.


Choosing Antico Restauro means putting trust in a product that guarantees:

- a wide range of formats;

- unlimited quantities;

- large availability of colors;

- possibility to mix different colors and shapes;

BASIC COLORS: light ocher, rosé and red*** CONTEMPORARY COLORS: white, grey, black and chocolate

***SPECIAL EFFECTS available on request. Depressions can also be made on the tiles, in order to perfectly reproduce an ancient floor.