Who we are


It all started with our passion for wine. We love wine, therefore we want to celebrate it in our lives. Esigo wine racks incorporate wine into our living spaces, together with our favorite books, art and music. Each rack embraces your favorite bottles in solid oak, contemporary materials and joyous layers of colour. This is Esigo.


At Esigo, we create design objects that encourage communication between man and wine, not only to accomodate the bottles, but to communicate to all enthusiasts the messages and emotions that wine conveys. Esigo is the Italian company of modern design wine racks, in addition to various accessories for storing and serving wine. From the cellar to the table, at home or at public facilities such as wine shops, wineries tasting rooms and retail shops,wine bars, restaurants, hotels, Esigo brings our favourite bottles to life.


All the Esigo wine racks are Made in Italy. Because quality is an element that we are not willing to compromise on. The detailed attention we pay to our designs is what distinguishes our wine racks and wine furniture. Esigo is created from extensive research and careful selection of the finest raw materials and finishes available today and constructed using state-of-the-art technology. Italy is the country in which we can manufacture our products with the required attention to detail which make Esigo wine racks a cut above the rest. At the forefront of modern design, Italy is the place that provides a mix of exceptionally high levels of skill and expertise alongside state of the art production technology. It is also thanks to our quality supply chain that distinguishes Vicenza - Italy, where we are located, that we are able to maintain an avant-garde and winning position throughout our search for beautiful top quality products. Made in Italy is a synonym of professionalism that is unparalleled throughout the world.

Our values

Esigo, in Italian, means "I want" or rather, "I demand" the best. Always. On any occasion. Do you think this is arrogant? Supercilious even? Certainly not, believe me. It's just that I know exactly what I want, and time has taught me where to find it. And how to get it. For me, wanting implies a necessity, an all-consuming desire . A superfluous luxury? Not at all. I like to live my life with flair; details and nuances are crucial. Because there is a world of difference between a domineering and a decisive nature, between triviality and simplicity, between ostentation and drawing attention naturally. The same difference as between "I don't mind" and "I demand".

Do you know that feeling you get when your eyes or your hands light on something you like? You know that not everyone can afford it, and paradoxically you then want it even all the more. You ponder, reflect and then decide to allow yourself the luxury of exclusiveness. I dislike waste too, and I detest ostentation. But I think there is nothing wrong with the prestige that comes from sophistication and good taste.

Refinement is a value that transcends wealth.

A face, a flower, a painting. I find that I look for elegance all around me: things and people, landscapes and artforms. I have a precise style. I surrender to the allure ofbeautiful things, to the taste of good things. It's my weakness, I know, but I cultivate it with pleasure.

But for a touch of class, what better than a glass of vintage wine?

I cannot be mediocre. I always strive for perfection: for me, attention to detail is fundamental. That's how I am, and I expect the same rigour from others. I imagine this is the same for you. You must be surrounded by excellently made objects, in fine materials, always with total respect for the environment. This may be an ideal, but I am very demanding and aim for perfection.

But I also appreciate slight imperfections: like a mole in the corner of a smile.

I have a satisfying job. I've always driven the same car, a vintage model, the first I was able to buy with my own money. I collect wines. Very expensive, at times, or simply very good. I am bound to someone who chooses to stay by me every day. And we face each new day together, with impetus and involvement. I live my life intensely and am not ashamed to admit that I am a slave to love.

But it's a yoke I hope you too will have to bear, because you will find that it carries the gift of freedom.

I like museums, previews, shows. I go not to stare at art that is beyond my comprehension, nor to talk about things that I cannot really understand. I go to satisfy my innate curiosity.I believe that anything can be a cue, or kindle an idea.

This is talent too: recognising originality when you see it and then knowing how to exploit it. And recreate it.

You're looking round a showroom, surrounded by beautiful sculptures, sinuous compositions, unexpected shapes. You think of conceptual items, of the installation of some visionary artist. And then you discover you're looking at an umbrella stand. I appreciate avant-garde design as much as I appreciate practical things. I can't bear to take hours to open a wine bottle using a futuristic multi-use, multi-lever opener: better ask the wine waiter.

What better way of praising flexibility and elegance?

When you were in second grade, did you propose to the teacher as well? Some call that enterprise. And at high school did you set fire to the garage building a remote control robot? Some call that research. In your first job did you put everything into an independent project, to have it rejected by the boss? Some call that pioneering.

Now that you are married to the teacher's double, are an electronic engineer or chief executive, it doesn't matter: for sure, you know the value of ambition.

Our presence around the world