Euro Seating International

Who we are

We are a public seating manufacturer. From the very beginning, when we started manufacturing seats, in 1994, we have always aimed our effort and work at
achieving a differentiation from the regular existing solutions available on the market. This has been possible by developing seats which combine concepts such as the spectators’ confort, the durability in all possible market sectors and situations, and the design, thus contributing to the beauty and exclusiveness of every project.

We manufacture seats for: cinemas, stadiums, auditorium, theatre, retractable seating, conference halls, universities, school, religious sites and multipurpose halls.

We are currently leaders in the global market because of quality, design, technology, innovation and competitiveness, being thus present already in more than 120 countries. Since the beginning up to the present day, as well as in the future perspective, Euro Seating has applied and will always apply a clear exporting and innovative policy.

Our seats are 100% made in Spain.

Our values

EURO SEATING designs and constantly innovates in the 100% of its products. All technology, means and resources necessary to manufacture its seats are property of EURO SEATING, such as the manufacturing systems, moulds, prototyping, etc. We make + 500 projects annually

Thanks to this, EURO SEATING is fully qualified to develop tailor-made projects, exactly according to every customer needs.

We consider necessary to reinvest constantly in R & D and innovation so our seats are always in the forefront of all the market sectors.

We have a fantastic team of professionals who share the company values and who, all of them, contribute by giving the best of themselves and feeling the company as theirs, key element so everything runs smoothly.