Eurocave SNC

Who we are

Eurocave snc is an Italian company that has always worked stones from its own quarries. The company was founded in 1982 by Paolo and Gabriele Deluca as "Deluca Paolo Lavorazione Pietra" and in 2001 changed its name to "Eurocave snc".

Year after year the whole Deluca family has collaborated in the development of the company and three generations (grandparents, parents, children) have made Eurocave a well-structured company that is also helped by 10 employees. A total of 15 people work at Eurocave.

PIETRA SERENA: Synonymous with strength, ease of processing and beauty, Pietra Serena is a sandstone typical of Tuscan architecture and construction, particularly in Florence, also used in art. Its fine-grained pearl gray background makes it simple and elegant, it is embellished with shiny dots thanks to the presence of small particles of mica, a feature that makes this beautiful natural stone recognizable. Possible realizations with the Pietra Serena can be stairs, flooring, columns, window sills, portals, fireplaces, coverings, decorative objects, tops for bathrooms and kitchens. The particular beauty of Pietra Serena can be highlighted by different finishes.

ALBERESE STONE: Synonymous with hardness and longevity, Alberese is a valuable Calcarenite, it is characterized by its high physical-mechanical characteristics. Elegant and refined, the strong Alberese stone has a fine-grained silver-gray coloration, tenacious and compact with an unmistakable glassy sound at its percussion. Thanks to its valuable characteristics, the Alberese stone is non-freezing, particularly sought after for external uses such as the redevelopment of historic centers, pedestrian and vehicular paving, staircases, curbs, coatings.

Our values

SERVICES OFFERED: project analysis and estimates, on-site surveys, technical project development, material selection, treatment, transport organization, installation.