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Who we are

FabriTec Structures is now PFEIFER | FabriTec

FabriTec Structures, Inc., a leading design/build contractor specializing in tensile membrane roofing systems, has been a market leader in the industry since 1991. Recently merged with Guard-All Building Solutions, Covertex and PFEIFER Group, FabriTec Structures now represents a new global force in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of complex cable & tensile membrane structures and light-weight building envelope solutions. The company offers custom architectural fabric structures for a wide variety of markets including: Airports & Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, Stadiums & Athletic Arenas, Amphitheaters and much more. With more than 1,400 employees operating in 20 locations worldwide, FabriTec Structures is the only end-to-end resource for tensile membrane roofing solutions. For the ultimate in imagination and innovation in fabric architecture visit http://www.fabritecstructures.com.

Our values

Professional service, quality, integrity and safety are chief among FabriTec Structures' values as a leading industry provider of custom tensile membrane roofing solutions.

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