FBM Fornaci Briziarelli Marsciano

Who we are

FBM is one of the most important player in the Italian construction industry, established in 1906, currently produces all the range of building materials made with clay, especially roof tiles, with more than 40% of the market share; the only one capable of supplying the entire range of brick products, from roof tiles to blocks, perforated and floors. A company with a centuries-old tradition, FBM has always been able to anticipate the changing demands of the market, becoming a modern reality that boasts an experience full of successes.

Four production plants, more than 270 employees and a commercial network made up of over ninety sales agents operating throughout the country, with 12 distribution warehouses.

FBM annually places on the domestic and foreign market over one million tons of bricks and the tiles produced have covered more than six million square meters of roofs.

These are some of the numbers of the leading Italian company in the brick market.

FBM holds 25% of the Società Costtosenese Spa. The remaining share capital is held by other brick producers.

These are the numbers of the leading Italian company in the brick market.
FBM, in its four factories, produces the complete range of bricks, from floor to roof. Electronics and robots have now replaced manual work, the technology used is among the most advanced in Europe. This has allowed us to reach the highest levels of quality that has always distinguished FBM products.

The Marsciano plant is the largest European production center of brick roofing, with a daily potential of over 280,000 pressed tiles and over 180,000 tiles

The Bevagna plant is specialized in the production of extruded facing bricks, soft-paste bricks, hand-made bricks also made according to the customer's design and terracotta floors.

The plant, which became famous for the discovery of a prehistoric fossil forest in its own quarry, was completely built from scratch in 2003.

Fiano Romano
The plant, located near Rome, produces prefabricated brick and prestressed floors, including large spans.

Our values

For over 100 years, the FBM brand has been identified as “roofing tiles”, which therefore re-presents the traditional and most consolidated strength of the company.The range of FBM clay roof tiles is particularly wide and articulated with more than 100 certi-fied products, available in many colors and in many nuances and shades.The extraordinary performance of these materials, guaranteed for at least ten years by the certification of the Quality System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and compliant with all environmental requirements according to the UNI EN ISO 14001, are the result of a long and complex manufacturing process that begins since the selection of clays.Careful research, modern technologies, fully automated production processes, subjected to continuous checks and updates, allowed FBM to make these materials able to tolerate temperatures so low that they can be used even in the most severe climatic zones.The Marsciano plant, the largest in Italy and among the largest in the world, is the manu-facturing pole of FBM roof tiles. These are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from dough colors to surface treatments with powder oxides and liquids that give an effect of natural aging to the tile, obtained through exclusive and sophisticated applications, able to harmonize the tiles both in new roofs and in the restoration of roofs of particular historical-architectural value.
All the tiles, bent tiles and special pieces have a frost resistance certified with the strict UNI EN 539-2 test E method, corresponding to the strict regulations adopted in Northern European countries.The certification obtained is not only binding for the use of these products in the countries of northern Europe, known for the extremely severe building regulations, but once again cer-tifies that the FBM products are the most suitable to be used also in presence of particularly adverse climatic conditions.From 2015 FBM marks further progress in its range: unique in Italy to produce a tile with plaster molds, the Enzo.This innovative technology makes it possible to obtain a perfect tile from all points of view and to further increase the quality level of FBM covers.From 2019 FBM introduces as an absolute novelty for the Italian market: the pressing system with steel molds, which allows to obtain a superior quality, with an incredible smooth surface, much more accurate and aesthetically more refined.