Who we are

Fiberdeck® manufactures very high-quality co-extruded composite boards. We are specialised in composite cladding, decks and fences. Renowned know-how with boards guaranteed for 25 years against stains and fading.

Our aim is to offer more sustainable and more ecological alternative to wooden decks, cladding and dences, thanks to an innovative and bio-sourced material based on recycled plastics.

Thanks to the excellence of bio-sourced raw materials and a perfect control of the co-extrusion process, we have developped boards simple to maintain, very long lasting and made from recycled waste. Our co-extruded wood composite is made of 95% waste wood and recycled polymers. We no longer use virgin polymer resins.

We only sell to distributors and professionals.

Our values


A pioneer in many areas, we are constantly looking for new products and solutions to advance product durability and simplify their implementation. Our co-extruded WEO® cladding, made from 95% recycled waste, is an example of this.


Reliable products, designed to last a very long time and preserve the environment. As our natural resources are limited, we need to conserve and recycle them for future generations. Our products respect our environment and our ecosystem. They are FSC® certified natural woods with 95% recycled plastic waste.


Fiberdeck is a young and dynamic team, sharing the same values and favouring collaborative work. Our strength lies in our sense of sharing and helping each other. The respect of all the people involved is our condition for success. We strongly believe in the key role played by the human being. We believe that respect for teams, customers, suppliers and users of our products is the way to success.

Our presence around the world