Who we are

Flaminia creates leading-edge products, by combining innovative solutions and excellence in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The know-how and experience acquired in 60 years of activity plays a fundamental role in a continuous improvement process and in the development of alternative solutions.

Many design challenges in fact arise from a willingness to call into question the forms and functions of existing products. From this critical approach come new systems and highly current, unusual products. Practical problems – such as minimising masonry work when remodelling an environment, furnishing small rooms, finding ways to simplify the cleaning of a toilet bowl – are also addressed by the company to provide the most appropriate solutions.

Selecting the earth.

We were born in a land rich with many types of clay, the material that has always been used to make high quality ceramic products. Today, we select with the utmost care suppliers and raw materials, to ensure the best results in terms of flawless surfaces, sturdiness, durability.

Finishing by hand.

Our products are made according to the highest standards in the sector, but only the expertise of our personnel, who carefully examine and finish each piece by hand, can ensure perfection.


All our products are manufactured in the district of Civita Castellana, where all processing stages take place, from prototype construction to modelling, casting, glazing and firing in a furnace. A complete cycle in keeping with the tradition and quality standards typical of Italian-made products enables us to export our products to 70 different countries around the world.

Our values


Ceramica Flaminia has been producing ceramic sanitary ware for just under 70 years. With the contribution of some of the best known designers at world level and under the guidance of art director Giulio Cappellini, the company pursues the innova- tion of the bathroom environment by designing and manufactu- ring high quality articles. Innovation, quality and research make the Flaminia brand one of the most prestigious testimonials of Italy’s refined craftsmanship in the world.



To this day, Flaminia’s products are made exclusively in Italy by combining in- dustrial processes, which make use of efficient manufacturing facilities, and manual operations, where craftsmanship plays a decisive role. All production is carried out at the plants located in Italy, in the production hub of Civita Castella- na, where all the processing steps are completed: from prototype construction to modelling – when the concept comes to life –, from casting to glazing, to firing in a kiln. A complete cycle, fully in keeping with the tradition and the quality stan- dards of Italian made products, which enables the company to sell its products in more than 70 countries the world over.


The company was established in 1955 in a land devoted to the production of ce- ramics. A long-standing tradition that remains in the DNA of the brand. Today Flaminia is a 4.0 company that applies the highest technical standards in the sector, but it is the experience of skilled workers, accustomed to checking and finishing each individual piece with their hands, that ensures perfect results.

Protecting the natural environment is more than a moral duty to Flaminia. Attention to the environment accompanies each and every stage of the production process: the energy used is renewable and processing scraps are recovered. Newly built facilities have been designed and constructed according to the criteria of eco-sustainable architecture and blend harmo- niously into the landscape.


Behind each Flaminia product there is a will to experiment with ceramic, harnessing forms and colours to propose a new bathroom aesthetics. Underlying Flaminia’s excellence is the traditional formula of Italian design enterprises: a combination of machine perfection and human skills giving shape to sculptures-products caressed by light.