Who we are

FP Bois is long established . We have been growing since 1953 . At the heart of this growth is our ethos of leading innovative market chages through partership with our customers . We achieve this innovation trhough our own R&D , sales & marketing teams , and a firm desire to enhance quality and protect the environnement .

FP Bois is a familiy company that has been passing downfor craftmanship and our love of wood to our staff for 3 generations .Our roots , ethos and approach give people what they need to be creative and to succeed .

FP Bois began its activity dealing with an indegenous specie , Pinus Pinaster , sawing and planing each year 140 000 cubic meters and producing 2.5 Millions square meters ( cladding and flooring ) the most part being finished with waterbased varnishes.

To accompain the needs of our customer FP Bois developped its growth in sidding and terrace and is now able to deal with many other species such as Spruce , Douglas , Western Red Cedar , Red Wood or Larix .

Our values

Our Company 's rich history and tradition is as precious as our forests . Our exacting standards and respect for nature are the two requirements to develop those ressources . Exacting standards applies to the senlction of trees and each subsequent stage ot our rigourous and innovative production process . Our respect for the ecosystem is an innate part of our taradition and an expectation of our customers . These two imperatives are evidenced in our products , in our passionate staff and in our dedicated representatives .

FP Bois is a third generation family-owned company which has handed down its know how and its love of woodworking to each and every one of its team members. More than ever before , our roots from the past traditions guide our ideas for the future creating products that are technologically advanced but rooted in nature .