Who we are

Born from a reverential passion for leather, Frag is the culmination of a leatherworking journey that began in 1921 and continued in the years that followed with the production of the first leather items. In 1979 Sedilcuoio was founded as a company producing furniture components for third parties. The first range of products designed and produced directly by Frag was launched in 1989. The company took advantage of the long family tradition of leatherworking and pushed its boundaries. The company has always enjoyed a close relationship with the local area, with constant and mutual interaction adding value to its products

Frag manufactures contemporary design chairs, armchairs, tables and complements uphostered in leather. It offers a wide range of products and diverse collections available in different varieties of soft and thick leather that are always in stock. Furthermore, due to its extraordinary expertise and technical knowledge, coupled with the flexibility in its manufacturing process, Frag can produce customised designs to meet the most challenging requirements. It can either personalise existing products from the catalogue or develop new products from scratch to a wide range of customer specifications. It also manufactures custom products for other furniture firms.
The company offers a refined attention to detail, the result of a manufacturing process that retains many traits of craftsmanship and hand-made production. Each product is both outlined and finished by hand.

Our values

The values that Frag holds dear derive from a family tradition that goes back almost one century. The values of quality and craftsmanship, established at the time the company was founded, have been carefully and fervently passed down from generation to generation.
Quality is the key value that directs the company's future endeavours, aiming to bring the Italian tradition of working soft and thick leather to the world. This tradition is based on a combination of hand-made craftsmanship and innovative technology, which is used to constantly hone the quality of Frag's products and provide increased flexibility when responding to the needs of clients and the market.
Furthermore, Frag is firmly rooted in its local area, and maintains a constant and dynamic relationship with the region. This enhances the company's products and provides added value. In the light of this, each chair is completely manufactured inside Frag’s facility and is entirely and genuinely Made In Italy.