Who we are

FREPAT Urban Equipment was founded in 2005 with the aim of offering a new range of high quality urban furnitures. These elements were created to fill in a functionality in public space. We create elements by using mainly different types of steel such as Corten, stainless or galvanized. Our products offer functionality and aesthetics: benches, planters, bins, bollards, tree grates, bike racks, borders, accessories and signswith quality materials. We work together with the architects to make elements according to the need for their project.

Our know-how in achieving customized elements, area in which we have gained recognition and expertise, is swallowed by outstanding projects and the support of the best designers of french urban design.

FREPAT Urban Equimenthas the technical means to manufacture according strict quality requirements, and materials used in our production are in accordance with all European technical requirements and French law. As for the wood we supply exclusively from farms that engage in a process of development of forests, sustainable management (PEFC). Farms that ensure identification of wood in successive stages (FSC).

FREPAT Urban EquimentUrban Equipment has a committed team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals in the street furniture market. Our skilled people headed by a young, enthusiastic, with a strong technical background, share a common vision of growth.

Our values

Our vision: improving the quality of life

We like to pay special attention to functionality, elegance and quality. Our team works in harmony in this sense, since the sales office to our main plant which is also responsible for the production of prototypes, assembly elements of wood and quality control elements. The materials we use are in accordance with all technical requirements in Europe and the French legislation.

Passionate about Design we have established strong relationships with architectural firms and designers such as:

Atelier Arcadie.
Emmanuel Prieur, landscaper

Atelier Espace Libre.
Paysage & Urbanisme

Atelier Tournesol

Aurel Design Urbain

Fanny Rocher,

Massimiliano Fuksas,

N. Lebunetel.
Architecte Urbanistes

Sabine Haristoy.
Landscape Architect Agency


Valérie Guinais

The high quality of our products is the result of our rigor and respect of quality standards through several processing works. And the choice of main materials, steel in all its forms combined with other noble materials.

Our presence around the world