Who we are

The Garofoli Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of doors, with particular emphasis on solid wood doors. The Group, led by founder Fernando Garofoli and his sons, operates within the top segment of the market; its products are an excellent representation of the "Made in Italy" movement throughout the world.

In addition to the wide selection of doors, with a gamma of models and solutions that range from the classic solid wood door to designer doors in aluminium with stainless steel finish, the Garofoli Group also produces a myriad of coordinated products that guarantee unlimited decorating possibilities. In fact, our doors can be coordinated with parquet flooring, boiserie panels, walk-in closets and baseboards that offer versatility and flexibility in mixing and matching to meet the needs of even the most demanding interior designers.
Our corporate mission provides the leitmotiv for this vast range of products: "To create high quality products that are the best expression of the aesthetic and technical value of good Italian design" F.Garofoli

Our values

Passion, research, quality, environment: the cardinal points that guide the Garofoli Group, a company that has always distinguished itself for its innate sense of excellence and for the care it takes in selecting the woods used, a philosophy which has always been the cornerstone of the company’s mission.

All the Group's production is supported by the most modern productive technologies, several of which are covered by registered patents. The constant study of innovative construction techniques leads to the daily improvement of the details and to continuous experimentation on finishes and new color tones.

Technological research accompanies our continued search for the highest quality, environment-friendly raw materials. In fact, the Garofoli Group purchases its raw materials from suppliers that follow planned reforesting programs; it uses paints that are totally non-toxic and it recycles machining by-products.

Passion and attention to detail take life from the "heart of wood” that marks a door made of real solid wood. The signature of founder, Fernando Garofoli, is tangible evidence of the company’s personal guarantee of quality, transforming the door from a simple industrial product into a masterpiece.