Ge Giussani

Who we are


It was 1970 when Giussani was set up in 1970, and the company immediately worked successfully in the furniture sector. With the changing needs of the market, after about ten years the company introduces the production of modular raised floors and dividing partitions, office forniture and contract.

The know-how acquired up to that time has allowed us to look to the future, combining consolidated processes and artisan experience with new production technologies.

Today Giussani has the maturity and competence to meet the multiple needs of customers, from large quantities to customized supplies, thanks also to the cooperation with specialized laboratories.
The company designs and furnishes production spaces, executive and operative offices, but also waiting rooms and reception or representative areas, as well as kitchen, living and fitness areas or public places and exhibitions. The attention to design, the careful selection of materials and the use of new technologies allow us to create innovative and effective solutions. Innovation, research and flexibility are the principles that characterize the activity, yesterday as today.

Our values

Ge Giussani manufactures raised floor systems, modular movable walls and walls equipped with the use of modern technologies. The production processes are constantly monitored to guarantee the quality of the final products. The processing is entrusted to specialized personnel who combine craftsmanship and knowledge of new production techniques. Aluminum, glass and wood are the main materials that are processed and transformed into elements that allow you to create modern, elegant, functional and welcoming work environments.

Giussani doesn't just make products. It provides integrated design, assistance and assembly services to furnish work environments and make them comfortable and functional. The agency responds to the different technical and aesthetic needs of customers. The professionalism in organizing, managing and controlling production processes, together with the ability to collaborate with artisan companies are the strengths. Coordinating specific skills, both in the company and on the territory, allows to reach the final result: the realization of quality projects, characterized by a high level of customization.

Giussani has always been committed to developing new product lines with a sustainable design, made with recyclable materials. Research and continuous experimentation are aimed at reducing thicknesses and weights and simplifying the various components, in order to reduce waste while guaranteeing equal levels of resistance and stability. The agency chooses raw materials that respect the eco-compatibility and eco-sustainability criteria. The company is committed to respecting environmental standards in processing and to reducing waste materials; packaging materials with low environmental impact are chosen, loads on heavy vehicles are also optimized with the aim of minimizing the number of transports and, where possible, rail transport is used.