Who we are

Hello, we are GHYCZY [gitsi], an artisanal design brand from the Netherlands.
We create furniture that is timeless, practical and will last to treasure forever. 

Unique timeless design
GHYCZY is against the throwaway culture. We believe that it’s our mission to improve the world by making people aware of their buying pattern. Nowadays, lots of people buy products they don’t need and end up throwing them away anyway. We want to stimulate them to make fewer of these impulse purchases. People need to buy less products that are subject to fashion trends and that consist out of poor-quality materials. They need to buy timeless products, that they love and really need: a product that is worth repairing when damaged. 

A gift for the next generation
GHYCZY’s products are inspired by our aversion to throwaway culture. We want to create products that people will love and cherish. Our products consist out of high-quality materials and are made to last. They age gracefully and can be given to the next generation. They will be the finishing touch in people’s interior. 

Safety & respect
We want our customers to be happy with their purchase. We don’t want to mislead them into buying something they don’t really need. We’d like to earn our customer’s ‘safety and respect’. We do this by offering products at a fair price with the best possible quality and service.  

Our values