Who we are

The Tradition and future of quality furnishings

Giara Art Design is a business that boasts a long tradition in the production of classic style handles, knobs and accessories for furniture, windows, shutters and doors. The business is based in Agnosine, in the Province of Brescia, an area with an important heritage of craftsmanship in metals.

Over the years, the Frascio family, the owners, has succeeded in creating a solid business, today run by the third generation. Giara Art Design represents the fruit of continuous research aimed at the diffusion of a Made in Italy mark at international level, a symbol of the enormous intrinsic value of a characteristically hand-crafted product.

The business assumes the form of a genuine Concept House, capable of combining the ancient history of metallurgy, dating back to 1800 B.C., with an innovative concept of contemporary style, ranging from country and shabby chic to more classic lines. In the large open spaces of the business, ideas are born and developed before being realised in timelessfittings, accessories for exclusive and original lines, unique pieces in which art and designcome together. The items created by Giara for doors, windows, furniture andkitchens, are fruit of a careful and constant stylistic researchbased on an accurate study of the various artistic and architectural trends that have existed through the ages.

Our values

Valuable materials of medieval origin – such as Britannium – and metals of great value with a much older history – such as Bronze – are still molten and worked by hand, fully respecting the artisan tradition that is characteristic of the area, and which the staff at Giara Art Design wished to rediscover and utilise with passion and commitment. The raw material inspires the creation of the product: in its shape; in the unpainted natural colours; in the chosen production process. That which arises from the material becomes an accessory for quality furnishing, where comfort and sustainability contribute to obtaining true modern luxury.