Who we are

Founded in 2008 in Monção, Portugal, GlammFire represents world-class luxury fireplaces, Portuguese design and modern/contemporary style.

One of the world’s most desirable fireplace brands, GlammFire is all about developing and manufacturing Exclusive Fireplaces that fit into a new lifestyle. The will for greater efficiency, the search for differentiation, achieved by the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to ecology are present in every detail of GlammFire products.

Our values


Besides being pioneer in its sector in Portugal, GlammFire directs its products to a dynamic global market, featuring the best of Portuguese Design and Craftsmanship. In a concerted strategy of diversification, the broadening of the range and customization of products always follow the needs and consumption patterns of customers.

By their quality and attention to detail, GlammFire products represent the pinnacle of Portuguese craftsmanship.