Who we are

125 years of experience
“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” We like to
quote this sentence from Gustav Mahler when asked about Glatz as a family
business. It means we are constantly developing further, while knowing and
respecting our roots. Paired with our 125 years of experience, they form the
foundations for our functional sunshades, which aren't subject to fashion or
the spirit of the times. Rather, our shade dispensors are characterised by the
timeless elegance of their design, the durability of the workmanship and the
use of high-quality materials.

Our values

Our values
“I like it here!” Ideally: “I feel at home here!” When describing the atmosphere of a particular
place, one intuitively draws on one’s own feelings. And this long before one tries to describe
an ambience with objective parameters such as size, acoustics, panorama, light or warmth.
This sense of well-being in the outdoor area is our ultimate goal. It has as much to do
with craftsmanship as it does with stylistic confidence. Both are based on our longstanding
experience as a Swiss family business. After all, we have been designing and building
sunshades that combine two Swiss virtues for 125 years: innovation and tradition. We don’t
just embody these terms, but they are also reflected in our three brand values of durability,
individuality and design, as well as in our range of sunshades.