Green City

Who we are

Green City is specialized in the design and marketing of outdoor furniture for the plant world.

At the service of professionals and communities throughout Europe, we are known and recognized internationally for the quality of our products, especially those dedicated to aerial flowering. Passionated people are also our core target. Creating a vegetal atmosphere is not a matter of magic but mostly technicality and quality of the container, the living environment offered to plants. Technicality and quality are the key words of each specification developed for the creation of a Green City product.

Green City products are available in 8 ranges: products for aerial blooming, colorful two-color pots, light pots, stone-look planters, green walls, custom-made planters or even ecological pyramids.

Our values

Based in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, we manufacture and assemble our products at our site in Clermont-Ferrrand for 30 years now.

Green City was born in 1999 from a Green space company which itself was founded in 1977.

She drew her knowledge of the plant world there to put it at the service of urban revegetation.

Green City works around the plant world to develop its integration into the urban context, and ensure its enhancement. Observation and knowledge of plants allows us to ensure the comfort of the plant by promoting its development in suitable products. And this to the delight of city dwellers.