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Building in the flush system is a good thing, but turning it into a decorative feature is a better one!

Here is the solution: the GRIFFON ‘hydrochasses’

Griffon, created in 1886, was bought by two young businessmen in 2015 and count up more than 2 million ‘hydrochasses’ sold to date. A new commercial team, a research and development office as well as an internal marketing-communication entity give this great old French company a new boom.

Our values

What are ‘hydrochasses’?

The ‘hydrochasses’ also rest upon both an efficient and an ecological system, avoiding water wastage, which meets ecological expectations. By using the lever, the user controls water flow and the duration of use according to his needs. The power of flow is provided by a hydro flow system in which the air applies pressure to water. This system is placed high up and allows sparing some considerable space.

Why is it decorative?

This flushing system is used in sanitary facilities since 1950, thus they take us back indubitably, thanks to their retro style, to childhood memories. Because they are particularly visible to everybody, the designers really worked on their appearance. That’s why they are available in many colors to adapt each bathroom decoration.

What’s new: the Griffon Fantaisy models, which adorn energetic and eye-catching colors. The range includes 5 tonic colors polka-dot models: green/pink/yellow, blue/white/red, orange/red/green or pink/raspberry-pink/red.

But also some endlessly customizable models.

Everything you need to bring color to your sanitary facilities!