Who we are

Founded by Auguste, François and Jean Grosfillex in 1927 in Oyonnax, France, Grosfillex company, nearly a century later is still an independent family group that works in resins, metals and many composite materials for various markets around the world.

An expert in materials and design for 60 years, Grosfillex has always used its know-how to serve other experts, you, professionals around the world. Construction, Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums, Local Authorities, Interior Design, etc. These expert markets account for 50% of our business.

Recognised worldwide for its expertise in resins, Grosfillex knows how to make use of its wast possibilities in terms of forms, textures and colours, and can even invent further. All of this, with a garantee of perfect stability and durability, no matter what the conditions of use.

The difference by MADE IN FRANCE.

Our values

In a world that is changing faster and faster, we are more than ever on the leading edge, defending values that we share with you : Franch creation and production, respect for the environment, the quality of our relationships, responsiveness and especially flexibility, enaling us to be your ally in your everyday activities !

Grosfillex is proud of its roots in the Ain Plastic Valley. More than a tradition of expertise, here plastics engineering is a sector of excellence, connected to the future and to new needs in the market.

Geographically located in the centre of Europe, Grosfillex has to developed close relations with the clientele. This strategic location provides optimum transport possibilities in keeping with our environmental commitments.

More than ever, the Rhône-Alpes region remains the cradle of French industry and creativity.