Who we are

We want you to get to know us better.

Topciment is the Spanish microcement manufacturer with the greatest number of years of experience in the market, specifically since 2005, the year in which it was founded.

The need to create a microcement of high quality, optimal performance but still competitive in the coatings market, is what has brought us this far. Since the first day, we have not stopped growing and getting better every day.

Our values

Our philosophy is based on 7 very solid pillars:

All the products that Topciment sell are manufactured in-house; in this way, the control of the production quality is ensured in order that we always offer our customers the best.
The current network of our distributors represents us in more than 58 countries. If you intend to become a Topciment Microcement distributor, thereby contributing to our on-going process of improvement and expansion in order to add more value to our company - we are waiting for you!
The final results of the application of our products are very important to us, for that reason we invest in the continuous training of the distributors and professional users. We offer certified theoretical-practical courses at an expert level.
Our qualified personnel, who are specialists in the application of microcement, will respond immediately to any question or doubt. All our experience and knowledge is constantly available to distributors and professionals in the event of any doubt.

Our key driver is in the Research and Development area. With constant attention and effort, we have been able to create specific products that are focused on market needs. These products provide differentiated and distinguishing advantages for those professionals in the construction and decoration industries, and for the end-customer.
Our goal is to reduce the delivery times of our products and to reach any part of the world promptly. From the time an order is placed until we have it ready for transport, a period of 24 to 48 hours elapses. We work with different transport agencies to create a delivery network that ensures you have the right product at the time you need it.
We are concerned about the environment. That is why we maintain a commitment to it and our products are made from natural materials and raw minerals, which are respectful of the environment surrounding us. The resins and varnishes are water based - we do not use solvents. The raw manufacturing materials are obtained from the nearest locations to minimise the ecological footprint. Products are made according to the work requirements, and the low residues generated are easily recyclable.

Our presence around the world