GSF Italian Innovative Glass Fixing

Who we are


The most autentic expression of made in Italy, quality and design are the main strengths of GFS solutions, which offersa wide range of products capable of meeting every need.

GFS is concerned with the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions for glass panels. Our fixing systems as well as our patented accessories are all in Italy and boasts a high functionally and aesthetical values anticipating market requirements. Our products manage to satisy the ideas and projects of architects and designers. Additionally, they are reliable and suitable for glaziers, door and window installers, contractors, interior designers, dockyards,and technicians.

Our values

Our incessant effort is that of always aiming at technological innovation, and we do so by developing a unique and diversified production conceived in our own Research & Development department. Every single item is designed and manufactured to stand out in furniture design, interior design and glass architectures.

Since 2001 our solutions have originate in Schio, Vicenza, Italy thanks to an expert and deeply-rooted commercial network, they are the means though which the GFS brand is exported throughout the world