HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH

Who we are


As a pioneer in the recycling of packaging plastics, HAHN Kunststoffe looks back on more than 25 years of company history.  We have developed into an international company with subsidiaries in England, France, Canada and Italy. With over 300 employees, we unite all work steps from material selection to production under one roof at our Hunsrück site. We continuously invest in research and development, search for new innovative solutions and work according to the highest quality standards. Sustainability, environmental protection and economic efficiency are firmly anchored goals for us to which we gear our actions.

Every year, we process approx. 60,000 tonnes of recycled material from the dual systems, which otherwise would end up in landfills and incinerators. This results in 45,000 tons of the new material hanit®, from which new products can be made. No primary raw materials such as crude oil is used to manufacture our recycling material hanit®, but only old plastic from household and production waste. Through this pioneering and efficient use of raw materials and optimum resource management, we try to make a positive contribution to society and our environment.

We believe in hanit® as a future-oriented and sustainable material. The synthetic wood made of recycled plastic is highly resistant and is perfectly suited for products that are exposed to high loads. hanit® not only consists of 100% recycled plastic, it is also 100% recyclable and thus sustainably environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons why our hanit® products have been awarded with the German government's Blue Angel eco-label since 2005. Last but not least, hanit® stands for an exemplary CO2 balance and thus for sustainable and contemporary production.

Our values

We have reached a point where we consume more resources than our planet can sustainably provide. Every year in Europe, up to 60% of all household waste is not recycled, but landfilled or incinerated. These resources are lost and have to be re-invested somewhere else. At the same time, the pollution of the ocean has become one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. Every year, millions of tons of plastic are disposed of in the environment. A major part of this litter ends up in the ocean with catastrophic consequences for the marine ecosystem.

An important and necessary step towards protecting our environment and making the future more sustainable is, in addition to reducing waste, a sustainable recycling economy and a high-quality recycling of existing material. We at HAHN Kunststoffe see plastic recycling as a perfectly possibility to recycle already used material and to prevent the lack of resources. For this reason, our company has implemented the goal of being a global leader in the manufacture of new products made from recycled plastic. One aim is to create a more sustainable future.