Harrie Leenders

Who we are


To us, fire is what it is all about. Each fireplace has its own individual design, and so creates a unique fire. The more you are using the fireplace the more you will learn to control the fire. We take care of the fireplace ensuring that you will greatly enjoy the fire for a long time to come, the rest is up to you.


For a product to have a long life, the details must be right. Because we build by hand, attention to quality is ingrained in us. We keep smoothing out for as long as it takes to get all details fit for serving the fire.


Our factory is located in the province of North Brabant in Oirschot. It is here where our fireplaces are designed, developed and ultimately assembled. We have the parts and components made in our region. This was a conscious decision because we think it is important for our suppliers to be located in the vicinity of our factory. This helps spare nature, save time, and strengthens the economy of the beautiful region around Oirschot.

Our values