Who we are


In the south of Munich, in the middle of the bavarian prealpine region the headquarters of MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH is based.

Since 2011 this company is the crucial point of inventing and producing design targeted, energy efficient infrared heating systems – 100% made in Germany.

With stylish, state-of-the-art IR heating series MHS has managed to invent a heating solution which is emmiting only 10 up to max. 30 percent of the light of common heaters – let be understood: with the same and even much better heating output!

Always based on the motto: Less Light – More Heat!


Everybody, who owns privately or in HoReCa a patio, a balcony or a glasshouse, knows this well:
Several evenings you like to sit outside a little bit longer to enjoy the free time outdoors. Even when temperature is going down and days are getting colder.

Infrared heaters are perfect for this. Because they create ambient heat in seconds, just with one click. Until lately only ineffective, plain, heavy red l,ight emitting heaters were available in this market segment. This had to be changed: Away from the non efficent, regularly cheap produced DIY heaters, towards high end, premium design heating systems created, developed, and designed in Germany.

Sounds like ambitious aims? Helmut Haimerl and Lars Keussen, owners of MHS Munich Home Systems, achieved this in only two or three years – but not alone: together with their team of well practiced technicians and professionals in research & development of heating technologies, CAD cosntruction, purchase, sales, logistics, marketing und finances the two owners have turned the concept of infrared heating totally upside down. Always keeping an eye on their main target: inventing the best heating output with the lowest light emission and the highest design demand.

With common heaters the heat was always just a „byproduct“ of the light (here the heating elemets are normally halogen light tube). The MHS team has started a complete new way.

With the brandnew heater series the MHS managed to create the opposite of the known systems: the reduced light is now the „byproduct“ of the heating output – not backwards. A helix of carbon fibre is energized, it’s getting hot and starts to glow. The created heat is immediately perceptible, the very reduced and discreet light is hardly visible in the background.

Our values



To make a long story short: It’s all about inventing, constructing and producing highly innovative, energy efficient state-of-the-art premium design heating solutions 100% „made in Germany“ – with German technology, German innovative power and decades of professional knowledge in the infrared business.


- application of innovative, quick-response carbon technology;
- design and technology demand always balanced;
- heat is not „byproduct“ of a dominating light, but light is discreet „byproduct“ of the heat output:-
+ up to 85 % less (red) light,
+ up to 45 % energy savings possible,
+ low energy loss via system.


„Less Light – More Heat!“ This is the motto on which all heaters with the brandname „HEATSCOPE®“ are developed since 2012. Today two model types of innovative heating solutions are available (in three sizes in black or white with several control units) – worldwide. By this time a sales network in more than 30 countries all over the world has been formed – and every month new partners are joining us.

Our presence around the world