Hengel Industrie

Who we are

French designer, innovator and manufacturer for over 30 years developing premium equipment of deep-freezing, storage (negative and positive) and proving destined to the artisanal food , the super and hypermarket chains, and the industries in France and abroad.

Our values

Since its creation, Hengel has continued to specialize and innovate while respecting its core values of availability, quality, reliability, commitment, client support, responsiveness, and continuous development.

Hengel decided to get engaged in a new approach called Blue Pulse®, which consists in developing and improving equipment performances while remaining in compliance with the Sustainable Development and the process of Continuous Quality Improvement.

The main areas of work are :
• THE ECO-INNOVATION (integration of the Sustainable Development criteria in the process of product design to minimize environmental impacts)
• The improvement of the ERGONOMICS and the DESIGN

For what purpose ?
• ANSWER the new ecological and functional requirements of the customers
• SAVINGS in raw materials and energy consumption
• INNOVATE by offering new features to the products
• ANTICIPATE on environmental legislation

At what price ?
Our goal is not to offer more expensive products, but, instead, to propose STANDARD products that benefit from the latest innovations and that will maintain the manufacturing quality of our customers.