Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Who we are

Waldmann – Engineers of Light.

Anyone based in the Black Forest must shine very brightly indeed to be seen. For the last 90 years, here in Villingen Schwenningen, we have been building some of the finest lighting systems in the world. But for us, light is not an end in itself. Our light exists to serve. To work. To create. To extend horizons. To wake people up. To control hormones. Maximum quality and optimum userfriendliness are not ends in themselves. They ensure that people can do what they want to do. And, thanks to cutting-edge German technology, to do so as well as humanly possible. Only then are we satisfied.

Our values

• Partner-like relationship with our customers

• Employee involvement

• Continuous improvement

• Just in Time

• Suppliers as partners

• Legal obligations

• Quality

• Environment