HEWI Heinrich Wilke

Who we are

As a systems supplier, HEWI offers universal solutions for hardware and sanitary areas. A high degree of functionality, award-winning design, high-quality and intergenerational usability characterise the products. In this way, comfort, convenience and accessibility become natural givens.

Our values

Intelligent function and consistent design are not mutually exclusive at HEWI. As a system provider, HEWI presents innovative, comprehensive sanitary, hardware and accessibility solutions. The systems are formally coordinated and therefore enable continuous, consistent design.


Continuous systems, which include fittings, handrails and signage, enable consistent design. The products are characterised by architectural design, high-quality materials and outstanding functions.


The defining elements of the sanitary systems are reduced design, a high degree of functionality and careful material selection. Well thought-through product details enable intuitive use. The modular structure of the systems enables tailor-made solutions.


Universal usability of our products, regardless of users' physical or mental impairments, is a basic standard at HEWI. HEWI offers system solutions, which give careful consideration to comfort, care and accessibility aspects.

Our presence around the world